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The Barack Obama Citizenship Question Simplified

The point of the matter is a simple one.

The Presidency of the United States is THE ONLY OFFICE that is required, by the Constitution, to be occupied by a genuine “Natural Born Citizen.”

#1) – Natural Born means that both of your parents MUST be “citizens” (not natural born by the way but “citizens”) of the United States.

#2) – Your birth MUST occur within the Unites States of America.

Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen and therefore a citizen of Great Britain, which really isn’t even THAT important. What IS important is that Barack Obama SR was NOT a US Citizen.

That’s it. End of story. Over.

Although Barack Obama MIGHT actually be a “citizen” of the United States (and if so he could easily provide the proof by releasing the vault copy of his birth certificate) he does not qualify as a “NATURAL BORN” citizen.

The framers of our Constitution SPECIFICALLY made the point that only “NATURAL BORN” citizens could occupy this nation’s highest office. Once they made that decision, they realized that they had disqualified themselves to hold that office because THEY didn’t meet the requirement that they were intending to set forth. So they included one provision that would make them, and their generation, eligible to hold this office. They simply added “at the time of the signing” of this Constitution.

So unless Barack Obama SR was a US citizen OR Barack Obama JR is AT LEAST 232 years of age, HE DOES NOT QUALIFY under the “NATURAL BORN” status and is therefore ineligible to hold the office of President of The United States.

There’s nothing to argue over. Either the Supreme Court upholds and defends the Constitution or they don’t. It’s in their hands now. All we can do is wait and see.


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